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Meet Shane and Angelina

Make no mistake, Shane and Angelina have a life that’s just as stressful as the rest of us. Looking after two successful business and running after two adorable little girls, their schedules are often jam-packed and hectic. However, these two have managed to find a balance in life that allows them to stay calm and succeed in any situation. Enjoying life the way we were meant to.

Angelina and Shane Saunders

How It All Began

Born in the States and reborn in Australia, wherever Angelina roams comes with her a passion for health and wellness and self-development. In the early years, life always felt like a struggle for her – going through a gamut of the usual life experiences of divorced parents, loss of loved ones, drugs and alcohol, depression and anxiety. It wasn’t until she met Shane, and made the leap to move overseas and start a family, that she started to cut through the noise. Going through childbirth and post baby blues ignited the fire to seek out the missing link between her cognitive work and living the change.

Before meeting Angelina, Shane was a military man. He had served in the Australian Defence Force for 13 years, training Navy dive teams, tactical assault teams, sailors and soldiers and even completing the SAS course himself. On a chance trip overseas, he met Angelina and life began again for him too.

Over the next five years, Shane and Angelina spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on life and business education, all with the aim of creating a life worth living. There were naysayers (both internal and from others), but the two of them stayed strong.

They realised that when focused and applied practically, everything they had learned over the years seemed to spark something magical. By developing strategies and implementing them daily, Shane and Angelina soon built up a health and wellness business that yielded a six-figure income within the first year. From there, they moved onto residential real estate, commercial real estate, business investment, and mindset consulting.

When Breathing Became A Way Of Life

It all started in 2010 for Angelina when she gave birth to her first child. She studied Hypnobirthing and was able to harness the power of the breath for use in childbirth. She had a drug-free posterior labour and experienced an intense birth with minimal pain and no complications. In 2013, she used the breath to get through a 14-hour breech labour and an emergency caesarean. Five days later, she was attending a housewarming party.

In 2015, Shane and Angelina soon found that the breathing did not stop at labour. They became introduced to intentional breathing and the Wim Hof Method. Immediately, they both experienced unexplained phenomenon in their mental and physical health and well-being. When they felt angry, they took themselves away from the situation and breathed out the energy from the body. When they felt like they were getting sick, they would take extra time with a breathing session, oxygenating the blood, clearing toxins, and never getting sick.  Even now when their little ones are starting their temper tantrums, they breathe together using the breath to calm them.

Experiencing this personally, they went back to studying the science behind all this, seeking out the Who’s Who in breathing sciences, and digging for why this worked so effectively. This is where they found Dr. Belisa Vranich, the creator of The Breathing Class. With her no-nonsense medical approach to breathing, they found the most important part about breathing is the mechanics.

From there they found Dan Brule’, author of Just Breathe and breathing mentor to Tony Robbins. Dan is considered the ‘Bruce Lee’ of breathing. He has travelled the world over the last 40 years studying all breathing methods from ancient to modern, giving a well-rounded holistic view of the power of the breath.

Angelina and Shane Saunders with children
Angelina and Shane Saunders instructing a breathing class

Our Mission

Through learning the facts and science behind breathing and testing this in their everyday life, Shane and Angelina have been able to witness magic happen in every area of life. They also realised that they wanted to share their learnings with the world, and so their book Three Lessons On How To Lower Stress Naturally was written and released October 2016. Following its success, Angelina and Shane created Breathe Me and now also run classes and events around Australia and the US. They teach athletes, businesspeople, soldiers, and everyone in-between how to use the breath to heal their bodies and regain control over their own lives, to prove YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU CAN.