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Sat & Sun
30 Sept – 1 October

Just Breathe
Dan Brulé
– Mantra on Salt, Kingscliff


We all want more from this life here on this earth.
You might feel that your current practice of yoga or meditation has gone stale leaving you feeling stuck or bored.
Maybe you have tried many healing modalities and still feel like there might be some residual trauma trapped in your mind and body.

Whether you are an experienced breath-worker looking for new angles, insights and approaches or you are curious about what conscious breathing can do for you, this workshop will surely be life changing and transformational.

Allow yourself to get away and immerse yourself in the healing power of the breath for two days with Dan Brulé in beautiful Salt Beach near Kingscliff (NSW), the worlds’ most recognised breath master as well as the personal breathwork coach to Tony Robbins, as he comes to Australia for the first time ever.

Dan will share his knowledge and skills, and his current best practices to allow you to experience a unique cocktail of breathing exercises, techniques and meditations to amplify your healing and creative energies and blow through your limitations and blockages. It will give you the tools to replicate this for yourself anytime or pass onto others.

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Sat & Sun
7 – 8 October

O2 Summit
Dan Brulé
Hosted by Shane & Angelina Saunders
– Sofitel, Broadbeach


This is for people who want to go to the next level in business, fitness, or personal life. You will learn how to fit your oxygen mask first and get the most out of your business. Learn to connect with yourself, your clients and your friends and family.

This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on. You will leave the weekend with priceless tools to eliminate burnout, feel into what is holding you back, and fire yourself up to the next level.

Our special guest Dan Brulé is Tony Robbins personal breathwork coach, and you will get experience the high performancesecrets of Tony and elite business titans from around the world.

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Thur – Wed
12 – 18 October

Breath Mastery Intensive
& Certification

With Dan Brulé

– TBA, Gold Coast

This is for those who are a natural healer in the medical profession and all throughout the health and wellness industry that have a zest for life and want to become a more effective healer.Learn how to refill your vitality pool and reignite your passion again.

You have a rare opportunity to jump start a certification and set yourself apart from others in your field.Attend any of the days casually or if you are serious about learning a deeper understanding of breathwork with the breath master himself, then be sure to attend all of the days.

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